Our projects focus on concentration, balance and co-operation, they are designed for children from the age of 5, and are a mix of juggling, clowning, dance, theatre, acrobatics and circus arts. Circus is something exotic, it’s a peculiar world, it’s fantastic and mysterious at the same time, a world that gives children the possibility to discover and develop their own creativity and social attitude; it also gives them something they will keep through their whole lives: self-confidence and confidence with the audience and with other people.

Our Associazione Giocolieri e Dintorni was launched in 2002 with the idea of promoting, spreading and co-ordinating a huge number of organisations and passionate people who work so hard in Italy for circus arts. Since the beginning we have given particular attention to the spreading of circus projects for children and young people, and we are considered an important organisation in Italy for the competence, coordination and training of our practitioners.


As there is a considerable amount of work, activities and materials on this topic, we offer a summary of the different areas, so that you can find your way in this huge section.


A bit of history

More than 80 years have passed by since Father Flanangan, who worked with street children, founded in the 1920s in Nebraska (USA) the first circus for children. In the past 30 years the culture of circus for children and young people has developped and therefore many projects, schools and federations for tens of thousands of children have been founded.

The NICE (Network of International Circus Exchange)

In October 2005 more than 60 people from different countries, schools and circus organisations for children and young people joined together in an organisation called Network of International Circus Exchange (NICE).

National register of circus schools for children and young people

In this section you will find names, addresses and links to courses and schools of circus arts for children and young people which are available in Italy. They also support our association and help us with the advertising and training. We are currently completing our registers, and we hope that many groups which are still not in them will soon join us.

National Meeting

During the national meeting for practitioners in the circus for children field, people from all over Italy representing various associations join together to create that characteristic and stimulating atmosphere so typical of our meetings. The meeting lasts five days and has a full program with workshops, speeches, workshops for children, comparisons of methods, professional updating and training.

Our Tuition

Since 1999, Associazione Giocolieri e Dintorni has been promoting and organising meetings and training courses for trainers, entertainment organisers and jugglers who want to introduce the teaching of circus arts into schools, gyms and associations. Our project is supported by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Activities and by the Tor Vergata University (Rome).

People in charge of Training

Here you can find a brief introduction of our trainers who work (or used to work) with us for the development of our educational program and of a research into the teaching of circus arts.

Our Projects CAROCIRCO (Dear Circus) AND CAROCIRCOBUS (Dear Circus Bus)

Caro Circo (Dear Circus) and its open-air counterpart CaroCircoBus (DearCircusBus) are an initiative of Associazione Giocolieri e Dintorni. It started off on the bases of our own experience to promote and spread in Italian cities and towns circus arts seen as an educational tool for children and young people.

Mailing List "Progetti di Circo" (Circus Priject)

We also created a mailing list called “Progetti di circo” (Circus Projects) in order to provide all the practitioners with a useful tool which could facilitate comparison and communication between them. For those of you who use social networks, you can find us on FaceBook in a group called “Progetti di Circo” (in Italian).

Our Publications

Every year Associazioni Giocolieri e Dintorni publishes a brochure/leaflet wherein you can find references to schools, articles on the educational value of circus projects for children and young people, interviews to Italian practitioners. This leaflet is distributed to agencies, associations and institutions and was created also to help practitioners in advertising their projects.


Are you born a juggler?

Here you can find an interesting and joyful series of pictures which are directly brought by the stork! Are you born a juggler or do you become one? These babies, who have juggling and circus arts in their DNA, can tell us more about this old dilemma...

Nasce EYCO, federazione europea

Costituita a novembre 2009 dalle federazioni nazionali la EYCO (European Youth Circus Organization), clicca qui per scaricare il comunicato stampa

Le Arti Circensi approdano all'Università

Il Corso di Studio in Scienze Motorie, Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”, in collaborazione con l’Ass. Giocolieri e Dintorni, annuncia il “1° Corso Universitario per lo Studio delle Attività Motorie applicate alle Arti Circensi”
(5 ottobre 2009 / 2 luglio 2010)

Meeting Nazionale Operatori Arti Circensi per Bambini e Ragazzi

Operatori su facebook

Creato su facebook un gruppo di discussione/incontro per tutti gli operatori del settore. Cercatelo con il titolo Progetti di Circo

10 anni di formazione

Per festeggiare i 10 anni di attività formativa Giocolieri e Dintorni stiamo creando una gallery storica delle foto di gruppo. Inviateci le foto di gruppo degli stage a cui avete partecipato e che non sono ancora in elenco (abbiamo un buco nero in epoca pre-digitale!). Per vedere le foto ingrandite cliccate qui

CaroCircoaBus al
Civitavecchia In Festival