LINK, LINK, LINK AND MORE LINKS..... On our website you will find an impressive number of useful links to artists, individuals, groups and associations working in the wonderful world of contemporary circus arts. All these people help us keep our project alive, first and foremost, our sponsors. In order to help you navigate through this sort of telephone book of contemporary circus arts in Italy we are including some details to help you understand what you can find and where:

Our Sponsor

here you will find emails, addresses, and links to all those cultural and commercial operators who finance our project and make it possible.

Our Partners

here you will find links to those organisations with whom we strongly cooperate.

Other groups like us

here you can find links to associations and groups of jugglers which support our project and have similar projects.

Our friends

here you will find links to other websites of artists, associations and organisations which, even if they don’t economically support our projects, have our same goal.

Our accompanists- Magazines

Here you will find the links to other magazines treating about circus arts, with whom we have editorial connectionscon or exchanges.

Contributors and Photographers

click here to find references to all those people who help us keep the quality of Juggling Magazine at its best.

Circus Schools for children and young people

click here if you’re interested in finding links to circus schools for children in Italy which share our goal of teaching circus arts to help children grow up.


Circus Schools

here you will find links to professional schools for circus arts which offer annual courses and to all those centres which offer different kinds of circus arts courses.

Juggling gyms

last but not least, here you will find references to weekly gym courses/sessions for jugglers


Photographic credits

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