1998/2008 our first decade!

in thanking all the many collaborators who made it possible, with the usual and endless enthusiasm we invite you in supporting our project for the next coming decade...

Let’s start with a little bit of history...

Juggling Magazine is a quarterly magazine about juggling and contemporary circus arts. It was established in June 1998, and its project was rather ambitious. Its aim was that of spreading the history, culture and practice of juggling and of circus arts in general in Italy. We wanted to inform, involve, spread the news, invite, update and give important advice to a greater and greater number of profis or people who are simply passionate about juggling and contemporary circus arts. In its pages, full of pictures and original graphic designs, you will find interviews with artists and organizers, reports on important events, reviews of shows and festivals, columns about the history of juggling and other circus arts, reviews of books and other cultural elements, which are relevant in this field.
Our magazine was founded by Adolfo Rossomando, who is now its editor and who wrote “Juggling, ovvero l’arte della giocoleria” (The art of juggling)[1]
and is the Italian representative in the EJA (European Juggling Association) and in the NICE (Network of International Circus Exchange).
Juggling Magazine had a great success thanks to the enthusiasm of our practitioners but also thanks to the trust that our supporters gave us. Among these supporters we want to thank the company Alivola (which helped us publish our first issue), the Italian editor Nuovi Equilibri/Stampa Alternativa (which published the magazine till 2001), the association El Are from Assisi, the major producers, distributors and sellers of juggling materials, the other magazines about juggling, our valuable contributors, the most important institutions for street theatre and circus arts in the world, professional schools of circus arts, and the Italian Ministry for Cultural Activities, which has recognised and supported the cultural importance of our project since 2002. Our magazine is distributed to our members, juggling shops and associations, the press, practitioners, schools of circus arts, and in all these years it promoted not only the technical and artistic aspects of juggling and circus arts, but also their educational, social and cultural importance.

Our website: www.jugglingmagazine.it

In the winter of 2001 thanks to the help of Michele Mancusi and later on of Stefania Melillo, the first html version of www.jugglingmagazine.it was created. The website was collaborated with Juggling Magazine and had the goal of giving our readers a broad overview of the content and of the activities of our association, Associazione Giocolieri e Dintorni.

In 2002 our website was enlarged and restructured in PHP-Nuke version, so that we could easily and constantly update it.  The second version was considered a “reference web site”, which means it didn’t only offer a table of contents of the articles published in the magazine, a calendar of courses, internships and shows, and information about also all the activities in Italy about juggling and circus arts in general.

In the winter of 2004, thanks to the French juggler and webmaster Matthew Slade (creator of the website JuggleTube.com) we designed the third version of our website, this time in CMS, published online at the beginning of 2005.

For all the people who deal with information and news, the internet is a challenging environment, Where everything has to be constantly updated. That is why the third version of www.jugglingmagazine.it, created in 2005 by Matthew Slade, was substituted with our newest version at the beginning of 2009, the fourth version in only 7 years! The structure of this new version of www.jugglingmagazine.it was designed by WebFormat, whereas Studio Ruggieri Poggi looked after the graphic interface. This new version was designed to give more visibility to the  existing 400 pages plus of the website, but also to create new sections, blogs and contents. For those of you who love reading, you will find here a number of texts, interviews, studies and references to books. For those who love pictures instead, you can find a gallery of our best photographers and illustrators. For those who love videos, there are sections which are entirely dedicated to videos. And finally, for those of you who are interested in finding people or associations who work in this field, you’ll find lists of gyms for jugglers, schools for circus arts or circus for young people, and so on.


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