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Ass. Giocolieri e Dintorni (G&D), engaged since 2002 in promotion of contemporary circus arts national wide projects, will develop in Italy, in the years 2015/2017, as part of its mission, the first part of a national wide project called "Quinta Parete - an audience development project"

"Quinta Parete" aims to combine the horizons of on line / off line communication and audience development in a project for development and dissemination of contemporary circus arts in Italy, an art field with a high trend in growth and success, as well as a high rate of internationalization, mobility, syncretism of artistic codes.

"Quinta Parete" will provide over three years a number of specific activities for the development and training of the general public, focusing also on disadvantaged youth. Another aim is to introduce new audience to contemporary circus arts. People coming from dance, sport and theater, will be reached out thanks to collaborations with representative groups/associations, while kids at risk and / or disadvantaged people will be involved thanks to our network of organizations involved in Italy in social circus projects. "Quinta Parete" will also develop an interactive web platform and social network-specific training and the involvement of the general public and the expert.

The activities that will be conducted throughout the country during the "Quinta Parete" are wide-ranging and include:
• collecting data on background, orientation, skills of the audience
• active involvement of the audience through workshops, educational activities, intercultural approaches
• involvment of the audience in the improvement and expansion of communication activities, volunteering and active forms of cultural citizenship
• virtual communities and sharing of experiences through digital media and social networks
• awards that stimulate the most intense relationship with art
• involvement through immersive experiences, multisensory, backstage
• seminars and meetings with similar projects and good practices
• monitoring of activities and publication of results

For the fulfillment of the project G&D will involve the extensive network of associates active in the country and enter into cooperation agreements with significant reality engaged in Italy in the creation, production, transmission and promotion of circus arts contemporary, creating a significant sample of the areas and subjects monitored. A further articulation of the "Quinta Parete" from 2016 will see the translation of the project on the European territory, in partnership with other organizations engaged in audience development projects.

At the end of the first three years leg of the project, the first results will be published and disseminated at a seminar International, which will see the partecipation of stakeholders and Institutions