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(translations by Gabriella Goria)

G&D main axes of development

The Association Giocolieri e Dintorni (G & D), inheriting a cultural project launched in 1998 with the founding of Juggling Magazine, was founded in 2002 with the purpose to promote, inform, connect a vibrant and growing galaxy of organizations and enthusiasts engaged today in Italy in circus arts. Twelve years after its founding G&D manages today the following main axes of development:
1) Juggling Magazine media project. Started from the pages of the quarterly magazine Juggling Magazine, founded in 1998, a project to promote and inform about the development of contemporary circus arts, has gradually expanded and structured. To cope with the increasing demand and supply of information in such a vibrant field, beside the original magazine we have put in place a website/portal, an instant news service, the monthly Juggling Magazine Newsletter, our pages on the social networks Facebook and You Tube (including the video platform Juggling Video Magazine), and last but not least Juggling Digital Magazine, online interactive version of the magazine, distributed online free of charge and internationally.

2) CircoSfera. G&D has from the very beginning paid special attention to the projects inspired by circus pedagogy, becoming a national reference for the training of trainers, the promotion of the field and representing Italy abroad. This ground work has led to the development of CircoSfera project, which plans to integrate the dense series of initiatives related to circus art educational projects, including training of trainers, the educational projects of the affiliated schools, educational innovation, international collaborations, the development of young talents.

3) AltroCirco. Recently launched, this G&D project aims to the development and recognition of the Social Circus in Italy. AltroCirco is meant top bring together associations and trainers dealing with social circus in Italy, helping them at growing together and to promote the role of circus as a tool for social trans-formation. Its five key objectives: facilitate the debate on a national level; develop studies and researches; encourage the recognition of methodologies, training of trainers; collaborate with national and international partners.

4) Quinta Parete. This audience development project aims to combine the horizons of on line/off line communication and audience development in a project for spreading contemporary circus arts in Italy. Quinta Parete will provide over three years a number of specific activities for the development and training of the audience/s, focusing also on disadvantaged youth. Another aim is to introduce new audience to contemporary circus arts, reaching out to other fields such as dance, sport and theater. 

The coordination and implementation of these projects, each with a national circulation, involves a team of highly qualified and experienced people. Our task is to provide each of them with the tools, resources and incentives needed to fuel a project that has no equal in Italy, and over the years has gained the attention and esteem of the international field.
We hope that the same attention, reinforced by the right support, will continue to come from the entire field and from national and European institutions.



Ass. Giocolieri e Dintorni

In this section you will find our project, history, statute, list of members and application form.

Juggling Magazine

Here you can find the history of our quarterly magazine, with an archive of back-issues, including a list of them and their summaries, a table of contents, a list of our valuable columnists and contributors, instructions to subscribe to or contribute in it, and finally the contact-details for the editorial staff.

Juggling Magazine Extra

Reportages, interviews, columns, blogs, articles thoughts, books, university dissertations, illustrators, photographers, video clips, and everything we could not put into the pages of Juggling Magazine, and that neverthless deserve to be published

Youth Circus

History of Youth Circus, registers of schools in Italy, courses and practitioners, circus pedagogy, our trainers, our modules CaroCirco and CaroCircoBus, our publications and relationships with European schools and training centres, NICE (Network of International Circus Exchange and EYCO (European Youth Circus Organization)

Social & Therapeutic Circus

Here it is an introduction map to recent applications of circus projects with kids at risks. Active projects in Italy, available literature, training for trainers, international associations and networks, Cirque du Monde, the brasilian experience

Circus Arts Schools

This section covers Italian professional schools, the Fedec (European Federation of Professional Circus Schools - Fédération européenne des écoles de cirque professionnelles), circus arts centres in Italy, and an overview of those groups of people who are working hard to develop circus arts both artistically and technically.


Look here for courses, trainings, workshops, events, festivals, shows, tours, openings, conventions, fairs, exhibitions, performances and selected highlights of the news we receive from organisers of courses and events about circus arts in Italy.

Link and Sponsor

Here are the lists of our sponsors and sponsorship, supporters, members, partners and friends, a multitude of people and organizations who motivate and encourage us to keep our project alive keep it growing.

Jugglers and Convention

Look here for the who's who in contemporary juggling, juggling clubs and juggling conventions, the European Juggling Cention and the European Jugging Association, insights from italian jugglers

Innovation in Circus Arts

Circs Arts ad Innovation: objects, bodies and emotions in motion. No other medium than videos or animation can effectively show how much energy and creativity is being developed nowadays. Here in this section we open a window on the youngest artists of contemporary circus arts.

The World of Circus

If you are interested in the world of circus here you will find its history, a list of associations and institutions, an overview of the artistic development of inheritors, practitioners and innovators in a time-honoured though always topical tradition and culture.

The World of Street Art

Here you will find instead the history of street theatre, the Fnas (the Italian Federation for Street Arts), other associations in this field, and an overview of contemporary live shows.

Juggling Digital Magazine !!

Circus Arts go to University

The Physical Education Study Course, Medicine and Surgery University of Studies of Rome "Tor Vergata", in collaboration with Ass. Giocolieri e Dintorni, welcome the “University Course for the Study of Physical Education as applied to Circus Arts”

15 years in training

To celebrate the first 15 years of Ass. Giocolieri e Dintorni in circus arts training we are creating a picture gallery of the partecipants. Please send us your group pictures of trainings you took part in and which are not listed yet (we have a huge black hole for pre-digital camera years!) To see an enlarged version of the pictures click here